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GO weight management support is put together to help you lose weight using food supplements that support your body as you modify your diet and nutrition with food intake and exercise.

Supplements to support weight loss

What’s in the Weight Management Support Bundle, and why do we have one?

When it comes to some of the issues such as backpain patients are often told to lose weight, in many cases patients informed its exaggerating the problem due to excess pressure being placed onto the joints, now we know increased pressure and tension onto the joints can lead to musculo-skeletal problems so we looked at offering food supplements to support the body when the decision is made to lose weight and change habits. The supplements are supportive in nature, they are not designed to replace a balanced diet but to support you while you implement changes and add the right foods for a long term healthy lifstyle.

Each food supplement is availble individually are as part as a bundle.

Weight Management

GO Weight Loss Support is about supporting you as you change unhealthy habits for nutritious food supplements to give you a better chance of losing weight and managing your body.

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GO In Shape Formula  £19.99
Garcinia Cambogia +   £13.99
GO H2O Balance    £12.55



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Save 15% when you buy 3x GO Weight

Management Support Health Bundle

GO In Shape Formula  £19.99
Garcinia Cambogia +   £13.99
GO H2O Balance    £12.55



+ P&P UK Only

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Changing habits for the better with great nutritious food supplements.

Take a look at the amazing ingredients in the GO Weight Loss Support.

In Shape Formula: An ‘in shape’ combination food supplement, with synergistic herbs and nutrients that together contribute to weight loss, a feeling of fullness, energy levels, a healthy metabolism, normal thyroid function, immunity and normal blood glucose levels. Each capsule combines 11 herbal ingredients (glucomannan, bitter orange peel, raspberry ketones, caffeine anhydrous, green tea, L-Tyrosine, African mango, capsicum, guarana, Siberian ginseng and peperine), with vitamin B6, choline, zinc, chromium picolinate and iodine.


 H2O Balance: A blend of herbals, vitamins and minerals, specifically chosen to work in synergy to support electrolyte, hormone and water balance in the body, as well as immunity and energy levels. This gentle food supplement contains: alfalfa powder, juniper berry powder, celery powder, dandelion leaf extract, kelp powder, nettle leaf powder, parsley leaf powder, radish powder, watercress powder, magnesium oxide and pyridoxine HCL.

Garcinia Cambogia Plus: A combination herbal formula, with ingredients to support macronutrient metabolism and normal blood glucose levels: garcinia cambogia powder, glucomannan powder, green coffee extract (20:1), kidney bean extract (4:1), Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), cinnamon extract (30:1) and chromium picolinate – all in one easy-to-take capsule.


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